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GLT's Grow: Sharing Our Yard Space With Pets

Feb 24, 2017

Attention to details will help keep your pet happy and comfortable in your yard.
Credit Nic Adler / Flickr via Creative Commons

When planning your yard, it's best to keep in mind you pets and how they will use the space.  Doing so will keep you both happy -- and your pets healthy.

  • According to host Patrick Murphy, chemicals and pets don't mix.  If you're going to spray something on your lawn or shrubs, carefully read the label.  If it says wait seven days before allowing your animal on the lawn, the follow that guideline to the letter.
  • Dog pee and grass don't mix.  Consider using pebbles or gravel in the area where you like your dog to go.  Also, if your animal is wearing a path in your yard, just go ahead and follow it and create a hardscaped path, rather than try and keep the grass alive.
  • You're also sharing your yard with wild animals.  Bear in mind that your pet can catch something when exposed to the animal or its droppings.  Policing the area with raccoons, opossums, raptors and more in mind will keep your animal away from illness.
  • Wild animals can also decide to make a meal of your pets, so keep an eye on them when out or consider a fence to deter foxes and coyotes.