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GLT's Grow: Time For Something New In The Garden

Feb 16, 2018

Spring is on the way, bringing with it a chance to begin afresh in the garden. Now's the time to scope out seeds of flowers you've never tried before.

  • Seeds are a great, inexpensive way to try something new in your yard. There's less of a commitment than purchasing a grown perennial or annual, plus you can always share the extra seeds with a pal.
  • Lucky Star Pentas is a great place to start. Grow host Patrick Murphy highly recommends this plant due to the trumpet shaped flowers that entice pollinators to your garden.
  • Sombrero Sangria Echinacia is a native cultivar that attracts butterflies and repels deer. You'll get plenty of vivid orange blooms throughout the season with this plant.
  • How about trying Ornamental Millet? It's underutilized in the garden. Its blooms are burgundy and look like tiny ears of corn. This plant is great in the ground or in containers. They reach about two feet in height.
  • Misty Salvia is an indigo flower. This is not as invasive as other versions of salvia, plus it's an amazing color ... like denim.

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