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GLT's Grow: Tossing The Turf

May 13, 2016

There's lots of room for creativity when you remove turf.
Credit Jeremy Levine / Flickr via Creative Commons

Grass has long been the star of many a front lawn.  And one Grow listener has had enough.

  • Andrianna of Normal is interested in trading in her grass lawn for alternate perennial, low maintenance landscape materials, like mulch and plants.
  • GLT's Grow host, Patrick Murph thinks that's a great idea and encourages creativity.
  • Andrianna is concerned that she not break any local laws.  Xeriscaping with mulch and plants is okay with the Town of Normal, but all gardeners should check local ordinances before proceeding with removing a lawn.
  • Murph said the best way to go is to do the removal in stages.  It's more affordable and not as labor intensive.
  • Some plants he recommended for Andrianna to consider include bayberry, witch hazel, and daylilies.  Mulch paths between the plants helps with maintenance, and watch out for weeds!