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GLT's Grow: Tracking Down Native Plants

May 26, 2017

Sometimes finding the native plants you want to grow can be a bit of a challenge.
Credit Jack Pearce / Flickr via Creative Commons

Sometimes you just want to plant a huckleberry bush in your yard. And sometimes it's just a pain trying to actually find a huckleberry bush. Finding native plants can be a challenge.

  • Eric in Hudson, Illinois, wants native plants in his yard —but they're not always easy to find.  
  • Native plants easily adapt to settings in which they grow, making them appealing to gardeners.
  • Seeds require more work to coax into being, so getting a start might be a better option for gardeners.
  • Seed Source, PrairieMoon and PlantNative are good websites to track down some native plants.
  • Illinois Native Plant Society can help gardeners interested in transitioning to a native plant yard. Wild Ones is another organization that can assist those interested in native plants. U of I Extension is also helpful in tracking down plants.
  • Never take seeds and plants from public ground or so business with companies or individuals that do so. That's illegal! So stick with reputable websites.

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