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GLT's Grow: Transplanting Verbena

Apr 20, 2018

Sonal in Texas has the right idea about using native plants in her yard. She's tempted to transplant the prairie verbena she sees on the roadside right into her garden. Is that a good idea?

  • So long as the plants are not taken from public lands, like parks that are local, state or federal lands, it's OK to take the plant. So protected lands are out. 
  • Prairie verbena is a native plant and is a great idea for any garden. Pollinators love this plant, so that's a bonus. The flowers are pink or purple and lovely.
  • Sonal is concerned about bringing weed seed with her when she transplants the verbena from the side of the road to her garden. 
  • After helping the verbena to settle in with watering and care, once the roots are established, stop the watering and wait. That's when the weed should appear. Get them while they're young, Sonal! Yank those little weeds out before they can establish themselves. Also try mulch with built-in weed control.

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