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GLT's Grow: Why Trees Have To Go

Jan 18, 2018

There are lots of reasons why we have to cut down trees. Understanding those reasons can help us face the cruelest cut.

  • A main reason why trees are cut down has to do with the health of a tree. An ailing tree can become a hazard as it loses limbs and could possibly topple over on a home, car ... or you.
  • Some trees are cut down to save utility lines. In Illinois, the Illinois Commerce Commission decides what has to go and then compels power companies to remove trees that might knock down utility lines in bad weather. This is why we plant dwarf varieties around utility lines these days.
  • We also cut down trees for fire control. Dead plant materials feed fires. Cutting trees down also create fire breaks.
  • A diseased tree that has an illness that might infect another of its species. Cut the sick ones away to preserve the nearby trees.

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