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GLT's Grow: Yard Camo

Feb 3, 2017

There's all kinds of ways to disguise your utility boxes. This isn't one of them.
Credit Windell Oskay / Flickr via Creative Commons

Got something in your yard you want to hide, like those unsightly, but oh-so-important utility boxes?  Patrick Murphy, host of GLT's Grow, has some advice for you.

  • Ron in Normal asked Murph for advice on hiding the utility boxes in his back yard.
  • First of all, any work you do around these boxes must be done safely.  Don't dig in direct vicinity around the boxes.
  • Screening the boxes is a possibility.  Consider an arbor with vines or an attractive shed with vines growing up the side.
  • Try a "wall" of plantings, like evergreens.  Statuary to distract the eye is a good idea.
  • Don't attempt to paint the boxes -- it's dangerous and illegal.
  • Whatever you do, make sure the utility workers have easy access to the boxes.