Heartland Board OKs New Union Contract With Adjunct Faculty | WGLT

Heartland Board OKs New Union Contract With Adjunct Faculty

May 21, 2019

The Heartland Community College board on Tuesday approved a new union contract with its adjunct faculty, guaranteeing at least 2% per-credit-hour raises over the next three years.

The new three-year agreement kicks in July 1. The contract provides flat dollar amount increases in rate of pay per credit hour of 2.5% in year one, 2.5% in year two and 2% in year three, Heartland said.

The college said “the flat dollar amount was achieved by applying an across-the-board percentage for each tier of adjunct faculty and then averaging the resulting increases to identify a flat dollar amount.”

The contract also more clearly defines the role of part-time faculty in the college’s shared governance processes, according to Heartland. Heartland has around 187 part-time faculty.

Last year Heartland reached a three-year agreement with its full-time faculty union.

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