Heartland May Add New Courses In Logan, Livingston Counties | WGLT

Heartland May Add New Courses In Logan, Livingston Counties

Aug 15, 2017

Heartland Community College campus extensions in Logan and Livingston counties could gain more courses in different fields of study.

Heartland board members said Tuesday that they need more space and additional classes for certified nursing assistants, agriculture technology, criminal justice and high school equivalency programs (GED). Associate Academic Affairs Vice President Sarah Diel-Hunt said strategic planning helps focus on key needs.

"It's been a good exercise for the college over the last year, and I think it's really starting to bear fruit with these kinds of directives and initiatives," said Hunt.

Hunt said connecting with local hospitals for nursing assistance programs hasn't proved successful, so Heartland will need to develop campus resources.

"The thinking that we should look to provide that space on our facilities has become more evident over time," she said.

Hunt said at least 3,000 people are on a waiting list for GED classes in Logan County.

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