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Highway 309's Top 100 Songs Of 2020

Dec 22, 2020

WGLT's Highway 309 found its groove in this tumultuous year. And despite the pandemic, or in some cases because of it, the quality of music released in 2020 was again stellar.

If you love good music and aren’t stuck on one style, you’ll enjoy the ride on Highway 309, where folk, pop, rock, soul, gospel, country, Americana and then some are all in play.

If you’re new to our music format, here’s a great start: The Top 100 most played songs during 2020 on Highway 309.

You can hear them all in rotation on Highway 309, streaming 24/7 at WGLT.org and WCBU.org, and on the air weekends on 89.1 FM and 89.9 FM.