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Illinois Farm Bureau Asks For End To Trade Brinksmanship

Jul 13, 2018

The Illinois Farm Bureau is calling for the Trump administration to go to the bargaining table with China over tariffs.

Farm Bureau Lobbyist Adam Nielsen said the Chinese response against American agricultural products including soybeans is not helpful and might hurt farmers long term.

"When you lose a market it's very, very difficult to get it back, especially if there are other reliable suppliers out there," said Nielsen.

Nielsen said he understands the administration's desire to address China's technology thefts.

"We'd like to see more talk and less escalation," said Nielsen.

Nielsen said the Farm Bureau would also like to see a bilateral trade agreement with Japan, and the resumption of progress to renegotiate NAFTA.

"If we can negotiate a bilateral agreement with Japan, that's an enormous market. It would be a good market for Illinois livestock. Again, that's all on the administration," said Nielsen.

Nielsen said agriculture stakeholders would even like to see the U.S. return to the idea of the Transpacific Partnership, something Trump has repeatedly called a bad deal.

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