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Illinois Residents Acting On State Economic And Social Issues

Jul 12, 2016

People lined up and signed the bus for the Nuns on the Bus as a way to commit to the ideas behind the "Mend the Gaps" tour.
Credit Michael Hill / WGLT

People from different parts of Illinois are agreeing to "mend the gaps" when it comes to issues such as healthcare, taxes, education and pay inequality. Residents from Bloomington, Normal, the Chicago area and other Illinois communities attended a discussion called the "Caucus to Mend the Gaps." The event is part of the "Nuns on the Bus" tour.

The group of nuns, who represent the NETWORK Lobby for Catholic Social Justice, touted an agenda that calls for solutions such as universal healthcare and tax reforms to close wealth gaps. Brian Finch, who attended the event, said there's an overarching argument that can be made in support of these policies.

"Making taxes a moral issue is critical as it also spoke to other issues that were addressed tonight," he said. "Making it a moral argument rather than all the other things that get in the way of things getting done."

Those who attended showed concern that legislators aren't listening to their constituents. Mary Campbell of Bloomington said citizens need to contact their legislators to make sure their opinions are heard.

"We really need to stay in touch with our legislators," she said. "We really need to let them know that there is an active group that really believes that we're watching them and we want them to vote in ways that will benefit our community."

More than 90 people attended the gathering at the Unitarian Universalist Church in Bloomington. Attendees were invited to sign the bus afterward as a way to commit to the cause. The Nuns on the Bus are making their next stop in Springfield for a rally before heading to Missouri.