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Indie Film Screening: Pilot Error

Aug 4, 2016

Credit Pilot Error

How can a plane just disappear? Investigators are still asking that question in the case of Malaysia Air 370.

But an earlier crash of Air France 447 has inspired an independent movie that is showing at the Normal Public Library this Saturday.

Pilot Error, co-written and directed by Roger Rapoport  shows at the Normal Public Library Saturday at one p.m. Actor Deb Staples and Roger Rapoport will talk about the film and answer questions following the screening.

Star Deb Staples is already in the Twin Cities playing Hamlet in Hamlet at the Illinois Shakespeare Festival. She talks with GLT's Charlie Schlenker about the film. Staples says the project attracted her because it's a compelling fascinating story about the airline business which is both  a sexy industry and somewhat frightening to everyone.