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An Inside View Of Mormon Marriage

Jan 4, 2017

Cover to 'Baring Witness'
Credit U of I Press

The Mormon church is often viewed as a patriarchal institution.

But, the editor of a new book about the role of women in Mormon marriage says that is not the entire story.

Holly Welker says she started on the project for the U of I Press after her Mom died six months before her parents 50th wedding anniversary because her mom never talked much about her own views of marriage and Welker was curious.

Add to that the Mormon church support for a California effort to ban same sex marriage and the book 'Baring Witness' came about.

It includes the perspectives of multiple women....from those who embrace traditional roles to those who are accommodating modern notions of marriage, to those who are abused. WGLT's Charlie Schlenker asked Holly Welker whether that was by design or did it just happen.