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ISU Moves To Reassure International Students

Jan 30, 2017

Cook Hall hosts music programs and faculty on the campus of Illinois State University
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Illinois State University is fielding a lot of questions from international students concerned about the Trump Administration executive orders on immigration and visa enforcement.

About ten ISU students come from the seven countries specifically banned in the Executive order. Others from those nations have also been accepted for admission to ISU in the fall.

Spokesman Eric Jome says some of the inquiries have no answer.

"How might this be expanded in the future? Well, the answer at this point is we don't really know," said Jome

Jome said ISU does not share information about the several hundred international students at ISU unless there is an ongoing criminal investigation and a subpeona.

"Beyond just basic directory kinds of information. We don't give out social security numbers. We don't give out immigration status, things like that," said Jome.

ISU President Larry Dietz said in a message to the campus community that the University remains committed to providing a safe, secure, and inclusive environment for all including, international and undocumented students and scholars.

ISU has several hundred international students.