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IWU Gets Connect Transit Universal Access

Feb 17, 2017

A Connect Transit bus at Uptown Station which is a potential destination for IWU students using the pilot access program.
Credit Staff / WGLT

Illinois Wesleyan University students are now able to ride Connect Transit buses free.

The Student Senate and Connect Transit have a pilot program offering universal access, much as ISU students have.

Student Senate President Will Teichman said 400 students indicated they will use the service regularly as part of a campus survey.

It's very much about popping the bubble that seems to persist about Illinois Wesleyan. The main goal here is to provide access for students to this community," said Teichman.

Teichman said they are doing education efforts for students.

"Encouraging students to download their app and to go on their web site, reminding them that Google Maps has a feature that allows them to use bus routes. We're really just trying to make sure they are aware that there are many options for getting around town," said Teichman.

The pilot program runs through May and after that he said the Senate will decide how much it is worth paying Connect Transit to continue access.