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Kennedy Slams Rauner For Intentional Damage To State

Jun 20, 2017

Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate Chris Kennedy addressed postal workers union members in Normal.
Credit Charlie Schlenker / WGLT

One of the Democratic Candidates for Governor is accusing Republican Governor Bruce Rauner of purposefully wrecking Illinois.

Speaking recently in Normal, Chris Kennedy said Governor Rauner intentionally used the budget deadlock to target social services.

In an interview with GLT, Kennedy said he believes Governor Rauner does not value the poor and those with disabilities and thinks of them as a drag on society.

“He doesn’t see a role for government and helping people to live as full of life as God intended them to live. Instead he thinks they should be cast aside and pushed to other states. That’s what I believe,” said Kennedy.

Kennedy says it's no accident that as Illinois has lost population, per capita income has risen ten percent. He says it's not because everyone left is making more money. Those he says who departed were poorer. Rauner has said his turnaround agenda is necessary to stimulate business growth in the future.

Kennedy believes the state budget deadlock has done a generation of damage to higher education. He said the brain drain has been substantial in current faculty and future students.

“ISU has lost 120 slots. They just don’t hire. It not like they fire people in there’s a big event and we’re all aware of it. It’s just a death by a thousand cuts,” says Kennedy.

Kennedy also said he believes the erosion of social services is intentional.

Rauner has said his reason for the deadlock involves structural reforms he wants to put in place to stimulate business growth.

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