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Kinzinger Treads Carefully On Trump

Jul 20, 2016

Illinois delegation cheers Trump in Cleveland.
Credit Amanda Vinicky / IPR

Republican officials who’ve been holding out on endorsing Donald Trump are moving to his corner, albeit reluctantly.

Congressman Adam Kinzinger of Channahon said walked a tight political line Tuesday when asked directly about his stance on Trump.

“Well look, I have a lot of deep-seeded concerns. And those stem largely from foreign policy. A president is basically, almost a, has really no checks in terms of how he or she runs their foreign policy,” said Kinzinger.

Kinzinger says that’s why he has yet to get behind his party’s nominee.

But then listen to him giving a speech to the state delegation to the RNC.

“We have to stand together as a party united. We have to win the White House. We have to hold the Supreme Court. We have to remember our mission,” said Kinzinger

Uniting? Winning the White House? It sounds like he’s backing Trump.

Other Illinois politicians are likewise dancing this careful waltz of words.