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Legislative Leaders Meeting On Budget

Apr 12, 2016

Credit Justin Brocke / Flickr

Illinois' governor and the four top legislators are currently meeting, in capitol.  It's their first group gathering since December.         

Illinois is midway through a tenth month without a budget.  That's unprecedented -- here and elsewhere in the U.S. The legislative leaders and Gov. Bruce Rauner are finally set to talk again about it.

Just hours earlier, however, while speaking to a business group, the governor didn’t have much good to say about the leaders with whom he'd soon be meeting.

"The Democrats in the majority are working very aggressively to try to force a big tax hike with no reforms. They are working really hard right now," said Rauner.

Democrats -- who hold super-majorities in both chambers -- have remained steadfast in saying that Rauner's economic growth package will instead set back the state.

Both parties are promoting separate ideas for getting money to social services and universities that say at this point, they're in crisis mode.

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