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Lincoln Liesure Center Closes For Asbestos Abatement

Jan 14, 2016

Boiler Room of Lincoln Leisure Center
Credit Nora Dukowitz / City of Bloomington

People who use the Lincoln Leisure Center in Bloomington will have to find find their city program elsewhere for a while. Workers found asbestos in the 1913 era boiler room of the building on South Lee Street. Tim Kiefer of Farnsworth Consultants says most boilers that old have asbestos but, if it's not crumbling or flaking, it's not a problem.

"In this case we have some of that, that will be abated. It should go fairly smoothly, the quantities that we've been aware of so far are pretty small quantities. And the abatement should go fairly quickly and fairly smoothly."

Kiefer says work will begin next week. Assistant Parks and Recreation Director Eric Veal says the city is shopping around for partners to house programs located at the Lincoln center. The exception is a pottery class. He says they can't move the kiln.