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Local Governments Welcome Prospect Of State Payments

Dec 3, 2015

The State of Illinois owes Bloomington, Normal, and McLean County governments more than 5.4 million dollars according to public officials.

The measure approved by the Illinois House and up in the Senate next week would improve some of that cash flow crunch. The largest single chunk of cash owed local governments is Motor Fuel Tax Receipts. County Administrator Bill Wasson says release of that money would ease the process of going out to bid for road projects next spring.

The total motor fuel tax amount owed the three units of government and townships in McLean County is about $1.8 million.

City of Bloomington officials say they have adequate fund reserves for cash flow but the money would be welcome.

Wasson says Another significant sum is $245,000 the state owes McLean County for Emergency Telephone System operation.

Wasson and city and town financial officers say personal use tax and video gambling receipts also could come from the state if the senate acts.

Local use tax is the third major category for all three governments. The County also faces a significant accounts receivable for the justice system which is not covered under the measure that passed the House. Wasson also says it is not unusual for the state to be significantly behind in paying for prosecutor salaries, probation officers, and other justice related expenses.

But, even as the state prepares to pay part of what it owes the cities and the county, Senators passed a measure to raid another fund designated for Counties (Personal Property Replacement Tax) to help pay postage for the state revenue department.