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Lorenz Announces Candidacy For Town Council

Aug 8, 2018

Normal Town Council member Kathleen Lorenz said she's running for a second term next April. In her announcement, Lorenz emphasized "stewardship" of city resources. But, she said that's more than just being tight with a buck.

 "I have a more expansive view than that. I also recognize that there is the old adage you need to spend a buck to make a buck. We do need to be thoughtful and very judicious about the investments that we do make," said Lorenz. For instance, Lorenz said a multi sport complex could have more economic impact and business development than a new library.  "Given some new information and new realities, maybe we do need to explore some new options," said Lorenz. Both those possible projects could compete for scarce town dollars in the next few years.  "While we are in uncertain times, particularly the significant changes we're seeing with our major employers, we'll just need to be more thoughtful and careful about the investments and the expansions that we do make," said Lorenz.  Lorenz said that does not mean the town should not do anything to advance quality of life in Normal. Lorenz also said she hopes to work to improve the Town's relationship with the city of Bloomington during a second term.

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