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Madigan Discloses New Complaints Involving Staffers

Feb 27, 2018

Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan continued to push back Tuesday against accusations that his office mishandled sexual harassment complaints.

The speaker issued a one-page press release with brief summaries of nine complaints involving staffers working in his state office. The summaries contained no names or dates, but Madigan said the list covered the past five years. It’s the product of an internal investigation Madigan launched after firing two high-ranking campaign workers.

Though state Democratic Party members have pressured the speaker to stand down in recent weeks, Madigan said he’s staying the course.

“I’m not resigning, I’m moving forward. I’m, uh, working with this particular issue, and we’re gonna work our way through it. And we’re gonna provide good strong leadership, as I have for several years," Madigan said.

The list provides vague descriptions of how each complaint was resolved, and the speaker claims confidentiality kept his office from disclosing other details.

Complaints against lobbyists and caucus members, as well as those stemming from Madigan’s campaign office, were also omitted.

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