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Making Uncommon Connections

Mar 23, 2016

A photo from the cover of Geyer's latest album, The Bridge.

Elizabeth Geyer is an Australian singer/songwriter/instrumentalist who says creating albums can be a lengthy process for her.  She says she waited seven years after her last album to the record her latest.  In this Skype conversation with WGLT's Jon Norton, Geyer explains how she was inspired by Peoria multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Paul Adams to write and record her latest album, titled "The Bridge."

Geyer says when she heard Adams' album In The Land Where I Come From, she fell in love with it almost immediately.

"From the opening bar, I said: what is this, this weird, wonderful, brave album?  This is the kind of sensibility I need to be able to make this next album I want to make.  So I called Paul up and asked him to consider working together."

Musically, the album they produced in Peoria showcases her melodic sense. Lyrically, the songs on "The Bridge" reveal her keen skills of observation, making connections between the past and the present, and from one geographical place to another.

"For example let's say you don't get a job after a job interview and you're crushed.  You think this is really bad news but looking back 10 years later ... you think 'thank goodness I didn't get that job' because I would have to move there, or I wouldn't have met that person.  The picture is always bigger than we can see.  That is something that comforts me a lot on a bad day.  I hope that also brings other people comfort."

Geyer is only in the U.S. for a short time before she flies back to her home in Sydney.  But one aspect of Central Illinois has already made an impression on her.

"All the beautiful character American homes you have here.  They're kinda normal, but to us Australians they're very exotic.  The swing porches and the big colonial homes and all the classic features you have here."