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McCann Still Under Not So Friendly Fire

Sep 7, 2016

State Senator Sam McCann
Credit Senator McCann

A state senator who staved off a primary fight is now also free from a complaint that he misused campaign contributions.

But, perhaps he’s not free for long.

Members of the same political parties generally stick up for each other. Not so for GOP Senator Sam McCann. He was challenged in the primary by a candidate well-financed by Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner. 

McCann prevailed, but has faced another battle. During the campaign, an anti-McCann voter filed a complaint with the state elections board.

The voter's attorney, Dan Fultz, said that complaint has been dropped, for technical reasons.    

"We do intend to refile. And there will be additional allegations made," said Fultz.

Fultz claimed McCann filed for extensive mileage reimbursements.

"Every one of those miles driven represents a constituent heard, and a constituent served," said Senator McCann back in March.

In a statement, Wednesday, McCann said he's not surprised the complaint was dropped because “it's false and politically-charged.”