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McHistory: When Socialism Really Was Socialism

Jul 11, 2016

There's a lot of talk this year about the anger of Americans who used to be middle class, those who feel insecure about their future and their society. Today we revive GLT's occasional series McHistory, with a look at a time in Bloomington Normal people were a lot more fearful and angry than they are now. It was the Great Depression and people who were accused of being socialists really were.

C.H. "Hank" Mayer continued his work in labor activism after 1932, though not in Illinois. Late in life he wrote his memoirs called "The Continuing Struggle." His story speaks to the anxious scary time in the 1930s when folks in Mclean County and the rest of the nation were not quite sure what was going to happen to the country.

You heard Bill Kemp and Greg Koos. McHistory is done in partnership with the McLean County Museum of History and is produced by GLT's Charlie Schlenker.