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McIntyre Open To Openness Moves

Oct 18, 2016

McLean County leaders including Board Chair John McIntyre fourth from left
Credit WGLT

A formal request has come for the McLean County Board to consider initiatives to make county government more open and accessible. 

The issue will go to the Rules Committee.

Members Carlo Robustelli and Josh Barnett drove the letter submitted to the board it, but received several other signatures including those of Chuck Erickson, Katherine Metsker, and Victoria Harris.

In the interest of disclosure, County Board member Carlo Robustelli is the Development Director at WGLT.

Among the possibilities is setting board meetings in the evening and changing the advance notice requirement to address the County Board.

On the face of it, a five day requirement for notice to address the board on an unrelated topic doesn't match up with the Open Meetings Act requirement that the board agenda only be out only three days before a meeting. Josh Barnett says it just looks bad.

GLT's Charlie Schlenker asked County Board Chair John McIntyre in this interview why the rule has been allowed to persist so long.