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McLean County Board Member Wants Consultant to Guide Administrator Search

Jan 2, 2019

McLean County should hire a consultant to lead its search for a new county administrator, according to a County Board member who has worked in human resources for more than 25 years.

Laurie Wollrab, D-Normal, said any missteps in the screening or interview process for its top leadership position could embarrass the county and cost money.

“If you were looking for an IT system that that was important and comprehensive, you would look toward an IT professional to assist you in finding that system,” Wollrab said. “This is really in a sense not different from that. It’s a very technical area.”

Wollrab has worked in HR at Advocate BroMenn Medical Center and the City of Bloomington.

“I would be remiss if I did not underscore that the hiring process at any level brings with it potential legal liabilities for the county,” Wollrab wrote in a letter to County Board Chairman John McIntyre. “These liabilities are magnified during a high level and publicly scrutinized search.

Letter from Laurie Wollrab by on Scribd

The county has formed a committee of county board members that will lead the search for a replacement to Bill Wasson. He's retiring in June.

Wollrab said she’s not aware of the county hiring a consultant for any job vacancies in the past.

She added she’s talked to several of her board colleagues who share similar concerns.

“There’s a number of people, I don’t know whether it’s a majority of the board, but there are a number of people I know of at this point that are concerned about how the process is unfolding,” Wollrab said.

County officials have said they would like to fill the vacancy by May.

McIntyre said the search committee plans to issue a request for proposals for hiring consultants next week and then decide on Feb. 14 if a hiring firm is warranted. 

The deadline to apply for the administrator post is Feb. 10. 

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