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McLean County Democrat: Pritzker Inauguration Set Nonpartisan Tone

Jan 14, 2019

Despite having a Democratic majority in state politics, recently sworn in Gov. JB Pritzker used words of inclusion and bipartisanship in his first public address.

That’s according to McLean County Democratic Party executive committee at-large member Mike Matejka, who was in Springfield for Monday's inauguration.

Mike Matejka
Credit Staff / WGLT

Matejka said Pritzker appeared to receive early support from both sides of the aisle, with Republican state representatives at the inauguration looking ready to go to work with the Democratic state leader.

“I get the impression the governor wants to come through this, you know, with not just a one party one house system, but really something that builds a long-term foundation and builds some unity and some dialogue together,” Matejka said. “And if he can pull that off, that will be an amazing feat in itself.”

He said Pritzker’s first message as governor was optimistic and nonpartisan in tone and aimed at tackling Illinois’ problems that have backed up over past Republican and Democratic leaders

“Where the previous governor seemed to have 'It's got to be my way or nothing else.' We've got a governor who's willing to work with people, to listen, and hopefully, come up with some of these issues to the perplexing and difficult things Illinois faces that we can actually see some progress,” Matejka said.

In his inaugural speech, Pritzker set goals of balancing Illinois’ budget, raising the minimum wage, and addressing various human service concerns.

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