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McLean County Drug Court Funds Likely Restored

Nov 3, 2015

McLean County Health Department Director Walt Howe (center) Questioned By County Board Health Committee Members at a meeting October 27, 2015.
Credit Charlie Schlenker / WGLT

The McLean County Health Department is revising its proposed budget for next fiscal year, after some members of the county board health committee questioned the recommended removal of nearly 50% of drug court funding. County Administrator Bill Wasson says most of the drug court funds are being restored.

Wasson says, after revenue from community outreach funds and two other sources are shifted, there is still a slight gap before the current $190,000 level of drug court funding is met. 

That obligation comes from the county's mental health care provider, Chestnut Health Systems. Health Department Director Walt Howe had proposed shifting nealy $100,000 in drug court money to fund the Healthy Start program at the Baby Fold and the Labyrinth program helping formerly incarcerated women transition to society. Wasson says those programs will be funded through other means.

The health committee is scheduled to review the staff budget recommendations during a meeting Wednesday morning.