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McLean County GOP Chair Headed To Inauguration Festivities

Jan 17, 2017

The White House
Credit Hanna Rosen / Flickr

McLean County Republican Party Chair Chuck Erickson says he's flying out to Washington for the inauguration of President-Elect Donald Trump.

Erickson said he's very much looking forward to it.

"We have to look at an inauguration as a celebration of our country. We are a country of laws and not men. The rule of law is being upheld. We have had an election and selected a new President, and we have had a peaceful transition of power," said Erickson.

Civil Rights icon and Congressman John Lewis has said Trump will not be legitimate. A number of Democrats have announced they will boycott the inauguration.

Erickson said he respectfully asks them to reconsider.

"I think they have the right to do that. We do have a President who was elected. When President Obama was elected, some Republicans didn't appreciate that, but he won. He is the President and you have to respect the office," said Erickson.