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Medical Marijuana Boosters Suggest Alternatives To Opioids

Oct 3, 2016

Credit torbakhopper / via FLKR

Heroin addiction and opioid abuse are viewed as an epidemic in Illinois, and across the nation.  

The medical marijuana industry is trying to steer patients and doctors to cannabis instead.

More than 10 thousand Illinois residents are certified to use marijuana for medical purposes.

Kyla Travis of Springfield is one of them. She has multiple sclerosis.

"I'm almost 60 years old.  I was diagnosed when I was 17. So for these many years, they had me on opiates," said Travis.

She said they had all sorts of side effects. Now that she uses medical marijuana:

“The Vicodin, and the oxycodone and the morphine, I won't take that anymore," said Travis.

HCI Alternatives, a licensed dispensary with locations in Springfield and Collinsville, is featuring her story as part of a campaign.

The company's CEO says the goal is to stimulate conversations between patients and doctors about alternatives to opioids.

The federal government lists marijuana in its most dangerous drug class, meaning it's more restricted than drugs like oxycodone.