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Medical Marijuana Sales Not Blunted

May 3, 2016

Credit Brett Levin / Flickr

The Illinois medical marijuana industry saw $2.2 million in retail sales during April, the largest one-month figure yet. Program director Joseph Wright says the program now includes 36 dispensaries and 6,200 qualified patients.

The average price for dry flower dropped to $12.88 per gram or about $365 per ounce. That's significantly lower than when sales began. Patient advocate and industry analyst Joel Erickson says the price drop may reflect special sales connected to the 4/20 marijuana holiday last month.

The state allows its use for 39 medical conditions including cancer, glaucoma and seizures.

Regulated medical marijuana sales began Nov. 9 in Illinois. Since then, the shops have sold $8.5 million worth of medical marijuana products, including dry flower, concentrates and edibles.