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Miller Park Zoo Welcomes Four San Clemente Kids

Jun 12, 2019

Two rare breed goats gave birth to four kids at Miller Park Zoo earlier this month.

Mothers “Storm” and “Valencia” and rather promiscuous father “Malcolm” welcomed the three male and one female San Clemente kids just three days apart.

“These four kids are significant because they are a critically rare breed. The Miller Park Zoo is invested in the long-term success of San Clemente Island Goats,” Zoo Director Jay Tetzloff said in a statement.

There are only around 700 San Clemente Island Goats in the world. Miller Park Zoo is home to eight adult goats, in addition to the newborns.

Miller Park was the first Illinois zoo to have a San Clemente Island Goat born, and is one of few zoos with the breed on exhibit.

The San Clemente kids are on exhibit in the Children’s Zoo.

San Clemente Island Goats are a small breed, typically red or tan with black markings.

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