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More Gun Legislation Filed At Illinois State Capitol

Feb 22, 2018

More gun control legislation has been filed in Illinois in the wake of the Florida school shooting.

State Sen. Ira Silverstein, a Democrat from Chicago, is proposing a ban on certain guns and attachments he identifies as "assault weapons."

Silverstein mentions the AR-15 specifically. That's the weapon the school shooter utilized to kill 17 people.

“I don’t know why people need these guns in the first place. They’re highly sophisticated powerful guns," he said.

But pro-gun lobbyist Todd Vandermyde said the semiautomatic rifle is popular for legitimate uses.

“Self-defense, competition, hunting, target shooting, all those things," he said.

Those in support of a ban say they don’t believe this type of weapon should be available to the general public. Vandermyde said it’s no more dangerous than any other firearm.

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