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Muller Says Integrity Key After Supreme Court Ruling on Sports Gambling

May 17, 2018

Illinois State University men's basketball coach Dan Muller said Thursday he hopes the recent Supreme Court decision striking down a sports-betting ban won't affect how his coaching peers approach a game.

"Boy I hope not," Muller sighed. "So much of our job as we've seen with the FBI stuff comes down to integrity, as most jobs do. But ours is a little different with the pressures of publicity and maybe the money. And now you throw this part of it. Obviously every state is going to be different, but it still comes down to integrity as a coach."

On Monday the Supreme Court ruled that a 25-year-old law that had barred most states from legalizing sports betting is unconstitutional, opening the door to legalized sports gambling across the country.

At a Redbird Arena press conference mostly devoted to new recruits, Muller said 90 percent of the time he doesn't even know the point spread of the game he's coaching.

"Of course I (occasionally) know, but do I look? No. Every once in awhile you're looking at an app before game time and (the spread) is right next to it. Of course (then) you see it, and sometimes people will say something," said Muller.

He said the ruling may change the way he talks to his players about gambling and force him to beef up anti-gambling protections. Muller says he already routinely warns players about gamblers trying to get "inside" information.

"We will say 'Look, there could be injuries that affect gambling and betting, and people may call you and say if for this reason, but it's for another reason,'" said Muller, who said the coaching staff regularly reminds players of NCAA regulations prohibiting student-athletes from betting money on any sporting event (college, professional or otherwise) in which the NCAA conducts collegiate championships. Muller said that includes fantasy sports that involved money.

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