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The News Roundup — Domestic

Jan 8, 2021

An insurrectionist mob supporting President Donald Trump stormed the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday as a part of a riot against the results of the election. Four people died on the Capitol grounds. Two pipe bombs and a cooler of Molotov cocktails were also found in the area.

Despite the insurrection, which some are calling an attempted coup, President-elect Joe Biden’s Electoral College victory in the November election was certified by Congress.

Our conversation about how we arrived at this moment in American history. 

Twitter locked the president’s personal account for 12 hours after he posted several tweets spreading misinformation about the election. Facebook also blocked President Trump from posting on its platform after he posted a video speaking to his supporters at the Capitol. CEO Mark Zuckerberg later said President Trump would be suspended from the platform “indefinitely.”

And the United States recorded the most deaths from COVID-19 in a single day. On Jan. 6, 3,915 people died of the virus as the nation’s attention centered on the insurrection.

We cover the most important stories from around the nation on the News Roundup.

PBS NewsHour’s Amna Nawaz guest-hosts this edition of the Roundup.

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