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Next Hazardous Household Waste Collection Will Use Appointment System

Aug 14, 2019

The Ecology Action Center is changing its collection model for the household hazardous waste collection event Sept. 7.

It's no longer just a drive up event. You have to make an appointment before driving to the Rivian Automotive plant in Normal. That's new. The EAC began holding periodic collections of hazardous waste in 2012.

“People who have attended some of our past events, especially our historic 2012 first public-private partnership event, may have experienced some wait times, in some cases, some severe wait times. And so appointment-only is a great way for us to moderate the traffic and make this an easier event for everybody to participate in,” EAC Executive Director Michael Brown said on WGLT's Sound Ideas.

Earlier this summer Brown said the goal of the EAC’s collection was to make sure hazardous household waste is properly disposed of in an accessible fashion to the community. The Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (IEPA) scheduled up to 15 events for household hazardous waste collection and environmental awareness around Illinois, to which Brown said he hoped this year’s hazardous waste collection would be the last the community would have to pay for itself.

So far, organizers have raised about $9,000 of the $35,000 the EAC has asked for from the public. Brown said the event this year will be more expensive. He estimated costs will total more than the $175,000 experiences in previous years. Fees for transportation, labor, and proper disposal of the waste have all risen.

Brown also said the EAC needs volunteers for the event. The EAC hopes to handle up to 85 cars every 15-minutes, from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. Brown said mornings typically have more congestion, so those appointments will fill up quicker. 

"This has now become the default across the state for hazardous waste collection events. The appointment system really makes it more efficient and it’s very successful,” said Brown.

Learn more about volunteering and sign up for an appointment.

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