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NFD: Cooler Problem Led To Fire At University Liquors

May 21, 2018

An electrical problem in a cooler caused the accidental fire that badly damaged a liquor store near Illinois State University last week, officials said Monday.

The May 14 fire at University Liquors, 706 W. Beaufort St., caused more than $1 million in damage, the Normal Fire Department said. The building sustained extensive fire damage to its roof, and the rest of the business saw heavy smoke and heat damage, officials said.

The business was insured, and owners are working with a restoration company to clean up the site and determine next stepsĀ for rebuilding or repairs.

Based on the high temperatures and the chemicals given off during the fire, all of the products inside will likely have to be discarded, officials said previously. The McLean County Health Department provided information about salvage efforts for products in the building.

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