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No Clarity In Chateau Shutdown

Mar 9, 2017

The Chateau does not yet have a reopening timetable following city code enforcement action over fire alarms that have been non functional for weeks.
Credit Chateau Hotel and Conference Center / Facebook

The City of Bloomington says there is still no timeline for allowing the Chateau Hotel and Conference Center to reopen.

The city shut down the hotel because the fire alarm system didn't work. Bloomington Community Development Director Tom Dabareiner is in charge of code enforcement. He said two options range from a few days to a few weeks.

"First would be to replace the alarm panel. But, it's a pretty old panel and it's about like trying to replace the engine in a 1980 Honda, pretty hard to find parts, " said Dabareiner.

Dabareiner said installing a new alarm system would take significantly longer than a replacement panel.
If the closure stretches into weeks, Dabareiner said the city may have to revisit the decision to leave the connected Tony Roma's Restaurant open, though operating the restaurant is possible in the short term.

"Part of the reason is you are looking at guests who are awake and can be told to leave quickly if there is an issue. There is also a two hour firewall between the rest of the building and the restaurant, which gives extra time and comfort," said Dabareiner.

The Chateau also owes back hotel-motel taxes and food and beverage taxes to the city. A settlement agreement calls for the Chateau to make its regular monthly payment on March 15th of $7,763.16. The City indicated a balloon payment is due April 15th of $86,554, and other amounts are coming due as well for hotel and motel receipts and food and beverage taxes received in March.