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Normal Council Approves Insurance Changes

Jul 18, 2017

The Normal Town Council has approved a new insurance package for workers.

The plan approved Monday will remove a $50 deductible and increase benefits. Deputy City Manager Pam Reece said it will encourage employees to participate in the town wellness program. 

"We just don't want employees to become complacent. So it made sense to us to bump up the wellness incentive. Really, if you look at it, it applies as a penalty. Because, if you don't participate, then you pay more towards your insurance," said Reece.

For single employees the price will rise $60 a month, and with dependents it increases $40 or $80 a month, compared to those under the wellness program.

"If they don't want to pay that additional amount, they have the opportunity to participate in the screening once per year and then they get the cheaper insurance rate," said Reece.

Reece said other changes will make the Employee Group Insurance program secondary to Medicare for prescription drugs. For retirees, the town will cover less for prescription drugs.

She said right now, retirees use the employee plan for medicine before Medicare. Reese said that high cost is not sustainable.

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