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Normal Library Board Evaluating Architects

Aug 30, 2016

Principal John Chapman of HGA uses a 3-D model to present multiple ideas for a library south of Uptown Circle.
Credit Michael Hill / WGLT

Members of the Normal Library Board of Trustees are in the process of choosing an architectural firm for a planned library south of Uptown Circle. During a joint meeting with the Normal Town Council, Engberg Anderson Architects, OPN Architects and HGA presented their qualifications for designing the facility. 

All three companies focused on things such as sustainability, landscaping, interior designs and exterior designs. Library Board President Jess Ray said one of the important issues is finding ways to hear from the citizens of Normal throughout the process.

"That's what we really need is a better understanding and some input from the community of some of the wants and desires of all of the community, so that we can make the best public library for the community possible," he said.

A decision on an architectural firm could come as early as Wednesday. Ray said it's unclear whether board members will choose a firm at this month's meeting. 

"If we have enough information, and everyone feels comfortable moving forward, then, yes, we might be able to make a decision," he said.

However, Ray said it'll take a little time to process everything they heard during the interviews.

"It's going to be a tough decision, because all three firms were so good," he added.

The Normal Town Council will not be asked to approve an architectural firm for the project, but they have been involved in other parts of "Uptown 2.0," including a potential pedestrian underpass at Uptown Station.