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Normal Township Senior Recreation Center Fundraises To Renovate Space

Aug 13, 2018

After opening in 2016, Normal Township’s Activity and Recreation Center is raising money to renovate an extra 3,000 square feet of space.

Township Supervisor Sarah Grammer said the center is asking members to voluntarily donate by doubling their annual membership fee.

“We’re trying to encourage our members to give an extra $30 during the 30 days of September, and if we can do that we can raise $100,000 and that would pay for us to renovate that extra 3,000 square feet plus of space,” Grammer said.

The donation is not required, Grammer said, but the renovation will benefit all 4,100 members by providing more appropriate spaces for activities.

“You name it, we have it there. But what we’re running out of is elbow room. We need a little more space,” Grammer said. “Right now, a yoga class ends on the carpet and we move in tables for Mahjong, and then we move them out for the next yoga class.”

It is not an addition to the building, she explained, but renovating space within the walls that were not previously of use to members.

Plans for the 3,000 square feet include a 1,000-square-foot activity room, a 1,000-square-foot multipurpose room, and added space for ARC staff offices, a community room with a kitchenette, and a new meeting room.

The ARC provides recreational space and activities for seniors over age 55.

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