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Normal's Train 'Quiet Zone' Begins Jan. 8

Dec 20, 2017

The new year will be a bit quieter for Normal residents who live near the train tracks.

The Town of Normal announced Wednesday it will establish a railroad “quiet zone” starting Jan. 8. That means trains will not routinely sound their horns as a warning as they approach a crossing. 

Don’t be shocked if you still occasionally hear horns in Normal. Crews will still be able to sound their horn to prevent imminent injury, death, or property damage, officials said. And passenger trains will also sound their horn to alert passengers of departure from Uptown Station. 

The Town of Normal worked with federal and state transportation officials, as well as Union Pacific Railroad and Amtrak, to secure the designation. 

The Federal Railroad Administration allows communities like Normal to establish quiet zones by reducing the risk caused by lack of horns. The town qualified because of new safety equipment installed as part of the high-speed rail project, such as four-quadrant gates. 

Residents who believe they’ve heard a train violating the new quiet zone can report it online.

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