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Oops: Some McLean County Property Tax Bills Wrong

Apr 27, 2017

Therre are more than 69,000 taxable parcels of land in McLean County.
Credit WGLT

McLean County administrators say a mailing service messed up 4,000 property tax bills and sent them out a week ago.

Those bills went to the individuals or entities who own more than one piece of taxable land in the county.

Those 4,000 people or entities own about 11,000 parcels of land, out of the total 69,147 parcels in the county.

Administrator Bill Wasson says those bills all had the same property tax ID number printed on them.

New bills are going out as soon as possible, Wasson says the contractor, Mail Services, LLC is eating the cost of the mailing and apologizes for the confusion.

The remaining 58,000 property tax bills are correct.