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PHOTOS: New Normal Fire Station Tour

May 16, 2017

Fire Chief Mick Humer guided the Normal City Council on a tour Monday evening of a new Normal fire station that's still under construction.

This station is located on Main Street between Osage and Dale streets and includes nearly 30,000 square feet. Headquarters will move from the station at College Avenue and Blair Drive and a fire station at the corner of Gregory and Adelaide streets. Seven firefighters, three officers, and one battalion chief will work at the new facility. Amenities such as a training room, kitchen, and workout room will be provided.

This headquarters relocation is part of an 8-10 year plan to strategically relocate fire stations to decrease response and travel times to fires.

The station is expected to be completed sometime between late August and mid-September, with an expected grand opening in October during Fire Prevention Week.

Editor's Note: Some of the photos include Town Council member R.C. McBride, who is also WGLT's general manager.