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Police Board Reviews No Complaints In First Year

Dec 20, 2018

Despite having reviewed no complaints, Bloomington’s Public Safety and Community Relations Board (PSCRB) will remain intact for a second year.

Organizations involved in the formation of the police review board voiced support at the PSCRB quarterly meeting Wednesday.

Mid Central Community Action Director of Resource and Community Development Matt Drat said the PSCRB is “absolutely necessary” in giving citizens an opportunity to have their voices heard.

“Tonight we looked at some of the things that potentially might move forward the process of the PSCRB reviewing complaints, and giving citizens in our community more information about what the PSCRB is all about and how to access not only them, but the entire process of working with the Bloomington Police Department,” Drat said. “And I think we made some great strides.”

MCCA and other stakeholders would like BPD to include a PSCRB brochure and complaint form in every citizen complaint response letter. The board will consider that change at its January meeting.

Bloomington Police received 20 citizen complaints this year, but none were escalated to the PSCRB for review.

But Board Chair Art Taylor said a lack of complaints doesn’t mean the board is not needed.

“The purpose of the PSCRB and the reason why it was put in place was to add that second set of eyes on any citizen who may have a complaint with the Bloomington Police Department, that there is a review process in place,” Taylor said.

The PSCRB meets on the second Wednesday of every month at various locations throughout Bloomington.

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