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Preston Drops Bid To Lead McLean County GOP

Apr 9, 2018

The potential contest to become the next McLean County Republican Party chair has evaporated.

Longtime party activist Connie Beard and Normal Town Council member Scott Preston had both expressed interest. Preston is dropping his bid.

"We're in a time of transition in McLean County. And I think that party unity, making sure that we are working all hands on deck together, is the right move during this election cycle," said Preston.

That leaves Beard as the presumptive nominee during the precinct committeemen vote April 18.

Preston said he will remain focused on his Normal Town Council position, but declined to say whether it was purely a lack of votes that drove his decision.

"You never know until the actual convention because it depends on who shows up," said Preston.

"With Beard it has always been nothing but positive and forward looking and making sure we are serving and leading the best way possible. And I look forward to working alongside her and moving forward to accomplish those greater goals," said Preston.

Current party Chair Chuck Erickson is stepping down.

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