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Psychedelic Folk On The Turntable At Reverberation Vinyl

May 9, 2019

Reverberation Vinyl owner John Anderson is enamored with many styles of folk, psychedelic and instrumental music. That music is often on the turntable when you enter his store across from Illinois Wesleyan in Bloomington.

This week’s favorite is “My Pharaoh, My King” from drummer John Moloney and guitarist Anthony Pasquarosa, a psychedelic-folk album with more than a hint of eastern influences.

Anderson said the album is a nod to jazz giant Pharaoh Sanders, an important figure in the development of free jazz, though you won’t hear a saxophone appears on the album.

He also said the album reminds him of the classic recordings put out by ECM Records in the 1970s and 80s.

“Kind of like what Ralph Towner and Jack Dejohnette would have made, but way weirder,” laughed Anderson. “I mean the production doesn’t sound like (ECM Records founder and producer) Manfred Eicher. But in the same sense this record is a tribute to Pharough Sanders. The group ensemble and the way it’s recorded and played reminds me of the best of the ‘further out’ ECM records of the last 70s and early 80s in particular.”

Click the play button below to hear John Anderson plays cuts from “My Pharaoh, My King” from John Moloney and Anthony Pasquarosa.

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