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Rauner And Madigan Square Off On Education Amendment

May 4, 2016

Illinois State Capitol
Credit Justin Brocke / Flickr

Yet again, Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan and Governor Bruce Rauner are at odds.  This time, over a constitutional amendment introduced by the Speaker.

Above all else, Gov. Rauner, a Republican, says education comes first. But apparently, he doesn't want to secure that with a constitutional guarantee.  

His political foe, Democratic House Speaker Michael Madigan wants the constitution to say adequate education funding is a fundamental right.

Rauner isn't on board.

"We have a constitutional requirement to have a balanced budget. I don't know that our General Assembly has ever paid any attention to that constitutional requirement. And now to add other requirements that will get ignored?,” said Rauner.

A spokesman for Speaker Madigan says the governor's shown education isn't a priority, given that last summer he vetoed all funding for colleges and universities.  Higher ed went without state support for roughly ten months.